Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences and the Division of Agriculture

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences and the Division of Agriculture

“A tremendous amount of work goes into this initiative, and we are very proud of the extra effort our Chartwells associates make, Walmart Week is very intense for everyone involved, but our associates know the student volunteers from working with them during the academic year and they all share a passion for this project. Together they make it happen.”

- Kim Johnson, Chartwells marketing manager.

The Bumpers College prepares students for careers in businesses associated with foods, agriculture, the environment, and human quality of life. Endowed and renewable scholarships assist us in recruiting, retaining, and graduating students who will be leaders and first-choice candidates of employers looking for innovators, policy makers, and entrepreneurs. We provide life-changing education and experience in classrooms, labs, and the field. Study abroad, internships, service learning projects, and undergraduate research provide our students with opportunities that advance their learning beyond our campus.

Total Goal: $57,360,000

Campaign Committee

Terry Bumgardner, Development Lead

Chuck Culver, Division Development Lead

Angela Waldrip, Co-Chair

Mark Waldrip, Co-Chair

R. Patrick Cameron

Marvin Childers

Ginger Graham

Bill Hawkins

Suzanne Hawkins

Ben Hyneman

Todd Martin

Charlene Reed

Archie Schaffer

Mark Simmons

Campaign Strategic Objectives

Student Access

Student Access

  • Increase the number and size of endowed, need-based scholarships to enhance recruitment and retention and ensure a diverse student population.
  • Enhance student experiences by providing more study abroad, internship and service learning opportunities.
Faculty Support

Faculty Support

  • Create new endowments in support of faculty chairs and fellowships.
  • Gain endowed program support for the Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center and the Equine Sciences Program.


  • Naming endowments for academic programs
  • Technology innovation endowment
Division of Agriculture Priorities

Division of Agriculture Priorities

  • County 4-H programs in support of the 140,000 Arkansas youth involved in 4-H throughout all 75 counties in the state
  • Endowed Research and Extension programs
  • Facilities improvements and expansions at the Division’s five Research & Extension Centers, six Research Stations, and two Extension Centers

Key Contacts

Deacue Fields

Deacue Fields

Mark Cochran

Mark Cochran
Vice President For Agriculture

Chuck Culver

Chuck Culver
Director of External Relations