Student Success Center

The University of Arkansas has designed a comprehensive strategy to advance student success – one student at a time – and it is a top priority for Chancellor Steinmetz. A significant factor in this strategy is the construction of the Student Success Center that will unify, enhance and fully realize the alignment of a personalized academic, financial and social support system for all students at the university.

A Physical Space To Maximize Every Student’s Potential

The Student Success Center will convey the message that academic success is attainable for all students.

Centrally located on campus, just north of Old Main and adjacent to Memorial Hall, the center will house all of the new student success programming and initiatives. This academic hub is ideal because of its convenience and visibility for students, faculty and staff.

A one-stop shop in the heart of campus that's the first of its kind in the SEC

Key Objectives of the Student Success Initiative:

  • Enhance Pre-Enrollment Experience of Incoming Students
  • Increase Semester-to-Semester Retention and On-Time Graduation
  • Improve Transition to College
  • Develop Career Outcomes
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Student Success Center

Planned opening: 2022

Square footage: 71,000

Floors: Garden, Main, Second, Third

Key spaces include:

  • 360 Advising Studio
  • Fulbright Advising Studio
  • World Languages and Cultures Studio
  • Writing Studio
  • Communication Studio
  • STEM Studio
  • Entry, Lobby, Welcome & IT Desk
  • Teaching and Faculty Support and Fellows
  • Tutoring Space
  • Terrace Room
  • Mentoring Space
  • Core and Cross-Functional Team Space
  • Courtyard and Outdoor Dining

The Case For Addressing Student Need

The university’s graduation rates have improved substantially over the past 15 years, yet unmet financial, academic and social needs still hinder academic success for many students. Key indicators presenting challenges for students to achieve success include:

  • Over $12,500 in unmet need for first-year students
  • High school grade point averages below 3.2
  • First-generation college student status
  • Living off campus in first year
  • Enrolling fewer than 20 days before first fall semester

Just under half (49%) of Arkansas-resident freshmen fall into one or more of these categories of need.

Retention Rates
In fall 2018, the U of A enrolled 4,977 full-time, degree-seeking, new freshmen from Arkansas, and 49.8% of these students had financial, social or academic need.